Anne Riba has always had an innate ability for training dogs. She began training her
family's dogs at the age of 10 and hasn't stopped since! Anne received her
Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Purdue University where her studies
provided a strong emphasis in behavior and physiology. In addition, Anne is an
Animal Technologist,  AKC and UKI Agility Judge and also holds her Early Childhood
Teaching Certificate.

Anne has been training dogs professionally for over 4
0 years. Following her graduation
from college, she spent 12 years in Southern California solving behavior problems, doing
new puppy consultations, teaching group obedience classes and providing private
in-home training. After returning to the midwest, Anne joined the Lincolnwood Training
Club for German Shepherd Dogs where  she quickly became involved with teaching
obedience and where she was introduced to agility. Two years after starting in agility,
Anne was asked to take over the agility program. Over the next 8 years, As Director of
Training for Agility, Anne expanded the seasonal outdoor program into multilevel classes
with over 100 students. The success of the program as well as Anne's solid reputation as
an outstanding instructor and dog trainer, led to King's Kennel in Deerfield asking her to
establish an agility program there. Apex Agility was started in August of 2003 and very
quickly became the most popular agility program in Northern Illinois with over 170
students of every size and age! Anne was featured in the April 24, 2006 edition of
Chicago Business

Anne actively trains in agility. She lives in Old Mill Creek, IL with
her Belgian Malinois and
Border Collie.  Anne's dogs have qualified repeatedly for the AKC National
Championships and AKC Invitational. Temi won second place at the 2008 AKC National
Championships, sixth place at the 2010 AKC National Championships and third place at
the 2011 AKC National Championships. She was the top Belgian Malinois at the AKC
Agility Invitational for 3 years in a row, 2009, 2010 and 2011.
The younger dogs are up
and coming with 4 yr old Sly qualifying for the 2020 National Championships and 2 yr old
Nyx going from Novice to Masters in most AKC agility classes in 2019! We are looking
forward to 2020!


                                       Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge:

      MACH 3 Artemis von Schoerling (Temi) CD MXC MJC MXF TQX 7/25/2002 - 2/3/2016
                          Von Bruin's Hi-Stake Blackjack, CGC (Beej), 5/5/93 - 5/27/06,
                       Von Bruin's Total Eclipse CDX, MX, AXJ (Clipper) 1/13/94- 2/5/09

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